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You are therefore a predominantly KAPHA adult


It doesn't mean that you don't have Vata or Pitta in you, but your dominant Dosha is KAPHA. 

It impacts you and makes you unique. Why unique? Because your percentage of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in your body are unique. So what works for others probably won't work for you! Both physically and mentally.

I am going to tell you about your dominant Dosha, which is therefore Kapha, and explain to you a little bit what a Kapha person is.

The first thing to understand:

Remember the attributes of Kapha, they are YOUR attributes, throughout your life. 

The heavy, the slow, the cool, the oily, the viscous, the soft, the soft, the dense, the static 

It is something very important for you to know, because these attributes, you will find them in all things, and of course in you, physically and morally.

In Ayurveda it is said that the more increases the more.

And it is through their attributes that the Doshas can increase and become unbalanced. You follow me?

I give you an example. One of Kapha's attributes is heavy. If it is heavy (stormy, low pressure) outside, or the atmosphere at home is heavy (heavy), or if you eat a heavy food (to digest) your Kapha will have 2X (or more) the heavy attribute , in him. This is how we unbalance our Doshas. It's not more complicated than that.

But beware, no worries! Our body, our strength and our immunity, are generally there to counter the negative action of the Doshas, and to spontaneously bring us back to normal. However, if these attributes, identical to those of your Dosha, are very present in your daily life, then the imbalance may indeed occur and settle over time. 

Your attributes, therefore, are very important. It sometimes takes a bit of getting used to and learning about them, but once you know them well, you can very quickly understand, for example, that eating heavy, cool, dense and oily things naturally makes you feel bad, being given that you already have too many of these attributes within you!! I only touched on things related to the physical, but for the mental, it's the same. These attributes are valid for the mind too...

To meditate then! 

Strengths and weaknesses

STRENGTHS : a Kapha person who is well has a very good energy and a very good health.

It has excellent resistance to disease and has a good immune system. She also has a great self-confidence and a real faith in life.  

WEAKNESSES : a Kapha person who is not very well, has low energy, shortness of breath, rather soft and flabby skin and musculature. She feels tired. She also tends to be more shy and more passive than usual.

Common personality traits​ Kapha

Mr or Mrs Kapha is often someone who is calm, composed, thoughtful, quiet. He is of a good nature, and is known for his seriousness.

He loves the pleasures of the house very much, he is rarely bored, likes gardening, cooking, drawing or painting, puzzles... He often has notebooks in which he notes, counts. He can also be a collector, and likes to repair, maintain and preserve things. And then he is happy when he is surrounded by those he loves as well as animals and children. 

Among its qualities we can also add that usually, the Kapha associates patience with humility.

Kapha can sometimes be in excess of its qualities and display characteristics of laziness, attachment, possessiveness and even greed.

Kapha also carries within him a great stability, which sometimes leads him to be "too" a homebody, or too static to be able to move forward and exceed his limits. He even manages to become rigid. He doesn't much like stepping out of his comfort zone. 

He likes to take his time, and consider all the solutions before making a decision. He thinks and turns the problem calmly in all directions. It does not act on a whim. Once he has made his decision, he will stick to it and be happy with his choice. 

The Kapha person has few friends, and will not let just anyone into their house. His friends (like his decisions) are chosen carefully and slowly. Once a friendship is acquired, it is generally for life.  

Kapha is quite proud of himself, in the sense of self-satisfaction. He knows that his choices are good, since they have all been carefully considered. He is satisfied with what he has built and is content with it. 

Not very spontaneous by nature, he can have a lot of fun and be almost "on the go", if he feels well surrounded and at peace. He will then love the party, the laughter and the beautiful food.

Kapha is thrifty (in every sense of the word). What is his is his!

He buys with reason, tends to keep, repair and reuse or resell. Only emotion can sometimes make him make less thoughtful purchases. 

He is a very good manager, both at work and at home.  

He is a person who has a lot of compassion and a big heart, but that he will not necessarily put at the service of generosity.

Facing problems and when it's not going well

He can get offended quite quickly, no doubt due to his form of pride. 

He does not like conflicts or power struggles at all, and he will go "to ground" and wait for it to pass. As he has this capacity for slowness and sometimes lethargy, problems, and especially if they are big, will quickly make him depressed and lethargic. 

Let's not forget that he likes to control and master his life. When he finds himself in a configuration where he couldn't control everything then it's too much for him, he withdraws and waits for the storm to pass. 

His diet

Kapha generally eat medium to small amounts and slowly. 

He can sometimes be drawn to food cravings as an emotional response. But he can easily make do with one meal a day, or even a soup or a fruit juice, without feeling in physical pain, quite simply because his body, carries within it a good dose of food energy in reserve, yes it is its nature as guardian of the temple no doubt!

His sleep

The Kapha falls asleep quickly, is a heavy sleeper, likes to sleep, but usually wakes up alert and refreshed. As he is conservative, guardian, thrifty by nature, he does the same with sleep, so he can sleep several hours during the day, this is how he saves and stores energy. 

It is noted that the Kapha has, by nature, a beautiful force and a beautiful endurance, it is therefore often recommended to the Kapha to rush a little, to sleep less, so that they can take advantage of this beautiful energy that they have.  

His body

He often has slightly oily, soft and thick skin. Their nature means that they are not predisposed to skin diseases.

It sweats moderately and the smell remains sweet.

It likes the sun, but will burn if left there for a long time. He has a good connection to the sun and if he adjusts his exposure he will be able to tan regularly and correctly.

His skin is cool to the touch but rarely cold. His blood circulation is good.

The Kapha will be able, if he exercises, to maintain a correct weight. On the other hand without exercises (as it keeps and stores) well it will also store the kilos. He will gain weight especially in the lower parts of the body, and will have a hard time getting rid of it. 


Does all this excite you? You think it's very logical and even obvious?

So do not hesitate any longer, and go further in the knowledge and understanding of  Ayurveda. It's a real gift, and to get into Ayurveda is to bring home, at home, consciousness, attention, love and of course understanding.

Finally a logical and personal rebalancing.

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