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You are therefore a predominantly PITTA adult


It doesn't mean that you don't have Vata or Kapha in you, but your dominant dosha is PITTA. 

It impacts you and makes you unique. Why unique? Because your percentage of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in your body are unique. So what works for others probably won't work for you! Both physically and mentally.

I'm going to tell you about your dominant Dosha, which is therefore Pitta, and explain to you a little bit what a Pitta person is.

The first thing to understand:

Remember the attributes of Pitta, they are your attributes throughout your life. 

The hot, the oily, the penetrating, the light, the mobile, the liquid, the sour smell

It is something very important for you to know, because these attributes, you will find them in all things, and of course in you, physically and morally.

In Ayurveda it is said that the more increases the more.

And it is through their attributes that the Doshas can increase and become unbalanced. You follow me?

I give you an example. One of Pitta's attributes is warmth. If it's hot outside, your Pitta will have 2X the hot attribute, inside and outside. This is how we unbalance our Doshas. It's not more complicated than that.

But beware, no worries! Our body, our natural strength and immunity, are generally there to counter the negative action of the Doshas, and bring us back to normal spontaneously. However, if these attributes identical to those of your Dosha are your daily life, then the imbalance may indeed occur and settle over time. 

Your attributes, therefore, are very important. It sometimes takes a bit of getting used to and learning them, but once you get to know them well, you can very quickly understand for example that eating hot, oily and pungent things....will naturally make you unwell being given that you already have too many of these attributes within you!! I only touched on things related to the physical, but for the mental, it's the same. These attributes are valid for the mind too...

To meditate then! 

Strengths and weaknesses

STRENGTHS : A Pitta person who is well has good energy, good health and a good aptitude for work. He is a person who knows how to be dynamic, enterprising, expressive and a leader. She has a quick and clear mind and a great will to action. 

WEAKNESSES : a Pitta person who is not well, has low energy, with the possibility of anemia. She has chronic liver problems, and feels anger and suppresses emotions. He is a person who is often on the defensive. 

Common personality traits​ Pitta

Mr or Mrs Pitta is often someone who is energetic and direct in his actions. He is cheerful and even exuberant. He valiantly deals with the practical side of things. He is a brave and loyal person. The Pitta is strong in nature, and can easily be overbearing and angry.

Beware of Pitta who gets angry, in certain circumstances, he will be hurtful or even cruel. He is not always aware of it. He can then be driven by the fact of not being heard and understood, or by his intolerance to certain things... 

Pitta is smart, quick-witted, a bit arrogant at times. He does not support people who do not follow his rhythm, or do not think like him. 

Being surrounded is something important for him, especially if he thinks that the people around him are useful! Yes Pitta is very turned towards himself, towards his own development, his own thinking, we could sometimes qualify him as egocentric. Namely that he is not always aware of it.

Pitta is therefore often a person who makes decisions, in his personal life or in his workplace. If not, and if he is held back in what he is doing, he will be consumed from within.

He is often one step ahead because he has the potential to visualize things and grasp them before others. He likes to plan, organize, order. Small details, or "dirty tasks" will not interest him very much. 

He is often an obsessive who can pull off a titanic job and sleepless nights to get the result he wants. 

A Pitta has a good memory, and if he's angry, he'll stay angry for a long time.

Faced with money he tends to spend for specific, personal and practical reasons. But he knows how to be careful, or on the contrary, to be impulsive, it is according to his thought and his goal of the moment. 

Facing problems and when it's not going well

He quickly feels anger and injustice. 

Faced with problems, he mounts his steed to go to war. And yes, let's not forget that the Pitta is brave! But his anger or his inner turmoil only stops if he explodes often and settles things his way.

Even a sad emotion will also be an opportunity to incriminate and be angry.

His diet

Pitta will absolutely not be able to forget to eat! His body burns everything quickly, his digestive fire is usually strong. He is therefore hungry, at fixed times, and likes to eat. Yes we can say that food is sacred for a Pitta. If he doesn't have his meal when he planned it, then he will slowly get irritated, then gradually become grumpy, aggressive...

A well-balanced Pitta will not fatten, even if he is quite capable of excess as he likes to eat, because as I told you above, he burns what he eats with great ease.

His sleep

 He sleeps well and falls asleep easily. He sleeps a restful sleep, neither too little nor not enough. He wakes up normally in good shape and ready "to fire!"

His body

He often has fair skin. She may blush quickly in the sun or during physical exercise or under the effect of shame. 

His skin is also delicate and irritable. He may have problems with hives, inflammation for example, and be prone to pimples. 

They more often have freckles or moles. They sweat a lot, and give off a strong smell. 

These are people who may be diarrhoeic.

Finally, it goes without saying that they can have all kinds of problems related to their attributes!


Does all this excite you? You think it's very logical and even obvious?

So do not hesitate any longer, and go further in the knowledge and understanding of  Ayurveda. It is a real gift, is to start Ayurveda is to bring home, at home, awareness, attention, love and of course understanding.

Finally a logical and personal rebalancing.

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