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We believe that Ayurveda is a gift for health and well-being,
that we have decided to share it with you with passion and commitment.
Children will be tomorrow's future, and we hope that they, in turn, will pass on..,
this incredible science of life!

A better understanding of your child's Ayurvedic constitution
Adapt your child's lifestyle and diet to his or her real needs

Understand what's best for your child, and what will be most beneficial in school and extra-curricular activities.

Involve them in their own self-understanding, and give them the keys to their well-being and Ayurvedic happiness. 

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Explanations for parents (so they can explain to their children!)

You are so lucky!

If you're here, it's undoubtedly because Ayurveda interests you.

You're going to have this incredible opportunity

to integrate Ayurveda into your child's life,
and with everything you've learned and understood, you'll be able to make daily gestures that will change your life and his forever.

Indeed, understanding that we are all unique, yet interconnected, allows children to accept their differences, and those of others, stop feeling in competition, to understand that what is pleasurable or good for others is not necessarily good for them, and that's just great!

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These are trends. We invite you to take the test first (click on the link at the bottom of this page). This test will enable you to see which Dosha in your child is the most dominant. For that, you'll need to meet with a professional who, over the course of one or more meetings, will be able to clearly pinpoint your child's Prakriti (constitution) and imbalances (known as Vikriti). 
In the meantime, knowing his tendency will give you and him the opportunity to reflect, perhaps understand and envisage what's going on inside him. To ask questions that you might never have asked yourself, and that he might never have asked himself. To adapt his pace, his diet and his lifestyle choices in line with his tendencies, to counterbalance or soften them. 
We hope you enjoy discovering Ayurveda with your family and us. 
Om Shanti
Get him involved!
get him to do the test with you!
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