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So you're a VATA-dominant adult. 


This doesn't mean you have no Pitta or Kapha in you, but your dominant dosha is VATA. 

This impacts you and makes you unique. Why unique? Because your percentage of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in your body is unique. What works for others won't work for you! Both physically and mentally.

I'm going to tell you about your dominant Dosha, which is Vata, and explain a little about being a Vata person.


The first thing to understand:

Remember the attributes of Vata, they are your attributes throughout your life. 

Dry, cold, light, rough, subtle, mobile and hard...

This is something very important for you to know, because you'll find these qualities in everything, and of course in yourself, physically and morally.


In Ayurveda, we say that the more increases the more.

And it's through their attributes that the doshas can increase and become unbalanced. Do you follow me?

Let me give you an example. Vata's attribute, for example, is cold. If it's cold outside, your Vata will have 2X the cold attribute, inside and outside. That's how our doshas get out of balance. It's as simple as that.

But don't worry! Our bodies, our natural strength and immunity, are generally there to counter the negative action of the Doshas, and spontaneously bring us back to normal. However, if these attributes, identical to those of your dosha, are your daily routine, then imbalance may indeed occur and settle in over time. Another example? You're Vata, you live in the mountains, you're a paragliding instructor, and you love ice-cold drinks... In this case, there's a very good chance you'll quickly become unbalanced! 


Your attributes are therefore very important. It sometimes takes a little time to get used to them and learn them, but once you're familiar with them, you'll be able to understand very quickly that eating dry, cold, hard things...., for example, will naturally make you feel bad, as you already have too many of these attributes inside you! I've only touched on the physical, but the same applies to the mental. These attributes are valid for the mind too...

Something to think about! 


Strengths and weaknesses

STRENGTHS: a Vata person who's doing well will have great energy, be very adaptable and rather healthy. They carry a kind of healing energy within them. They'll have a strong, curious and quick mind. 

WEAKNESSES: a Vata person who is not doing well will have low energy and poor circulation. They may be thin and weak. Their mind will be faulty, with fear and negativity. 

Common Vata personality traits

Mr. or Mrs. Vata is often spontaneous, lively, curious and cheerful. They always seem up for adventure! Changes are experienced with excitement and curiosity. Vata people never get bored, they always have an idea in mind, something to tell, to do, to invent, to create.

They like things that are original and different. So he'll love art, novelty, avant-garde thinking. Of course, he also likes to travel, make discoveries, meet new people...


Being surrounded is important to him, but he doesn't feel he belongs to anyone, and loves his freedom above all else! Vata is a zapper, and for this reason may seem too light-hearted for some! He'll easily move from one thought to another, from one person to another, from one place to another, with benevolence and pleasure. But Vata can get bored very quickly. 


They have the particularity of being "variable", or changeable. Indeed, the Vata rule is "No rules!" One day happy, the next day unhappy, one day very hungry, the next day not hungry at all, etc etc etc....


He can sometimes come across as a superficial person, who talks a lot and has a very subjective relationship with money and material things.


Another of Vata's particularities is that he learns quickly, but forgets quickly too, so it's quite complicated for him to concentrate, which can sometimes lead to disappointment. 


Faced with problems and when things go wrong

Stress and hysteria win out easily. He can quickly become anxious or even fearful. Fearful panics and sudden anxieties are quite possible in certain circumstances.

He'll then be prey to nervousness, agitation and the fierce desire to leave, to leave everything on a whim, for example. Even in the face of problems, his speech rate may increase.


His diet

Vata can forget to eat at all, but his body's lack of food reserves will soon make him realize that it's time to eat. Vata has a lot of energy, but over short distances, it doesn't have much stamina, and can tire quickly. Vata also have a hard time putting on weight (except for those who are unbalanced or who eat frenetically or anarchically).

As for the rest, their appetite is therefore variable, and sometimes they'll be "starving", sometimes they'll be ravenously hungry. Their digestion also fluctuates. 

They tend to feed in extremes, either starving themselves or overeating.


Their sleep

Little sleep, light sleep and tendency to insomnia. Often restless, even very restless in his sleep. But then again, being Vata, this can be highly variable! He does dream, but rarely remembers. 


His body

Vata people have dry, easily chapped skin. They suffer from cold, and have poor blood circulation. They generally complain of cold extremities. 

Their hair is often rough and dry. 

They sweat little and love to be in the sun and in warm places. 

They are often constipated. 

Finally, it goes without saying that they can have all kinds of problems related to their attributes!






Does all this fascinate you? You think it's all very logical and even obvious?

Then don't hesitate any longer, and go further in your knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda. It's a real gift, and to take up Ayurveda is to bring awareness, attention, love and, of course, understanding home with you.

At last, a logical and personal rebalancing.

Lotus Oriental
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