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The child with PITTA tendencies


He's intelligent, lively and perceptive. He loves a challenge, and challenges don't scare him - apart from the fear of not succeeding, he tends to set the bar a little high! He's courageous and athletic. He'll love competitive sports. His eyes are clear and piercing. Appearance is important to him, so there's no question of going to the neighbor's in your pajamas! They have precise thoughts and goals they want to achieve. 


Pitta children like to be surrounded by others, but will choose the people around them with care. Beauty" and physical appearance are important to them, as is the way others look at them. So they have friends in their own image, or friends who can be useful to them for one reason or another. Things are rarely left to chance with Pitta children. 


They have the particularity of being easily dominating and demanding. Indeed, the Pitta rule is "be the best, be seen, be understood, be heard!" His demands will therefore lead him to excesses of anger and rage if he doesn't get his way, or if he feels misunderstood. Loyalty and justice are very, very important to him. The feeling of injustice towards him is therefore absolutely unbearable.


The Pitta child, as I've said, can be easily angered and even impulsive. 


He acts quickly, but most of the time with reflection. He understands quickly, and has a good memory capacity. 

He's able to concentrate and see a project through with determination. 


He loves games of chance, and any challenge will excite him.


They prefer cool, wintry days. Summer and heat exhaust him too much, demanding more energy than he has. 


He likes to be the leader, the referent, and if possible, in all circumstances!


It's impossible for this Pitta child to forget a meal. Eating is certainly his guilty pleasure, but he needs it more than anything. If the meal is served a little late, it won't be surprising to see your Pitta child become aggressive! So don't even think about making him skip a meal!


He may be prone to inflammation, diarrhoea, eyesight problems and all sorts of Pitta-related ailments.


Remember that Pitta's attributes are

hot, oily, sharp, penetrating, light, malodorous

This is important for you to know, because you'll find these attributes in everything, and of course in your child, both physically and morally.


In Ayurveda, we say that more is more.

And it's through their attributes that the doshas can increase and become unbalanced.

Let me give you an example. Pitta is hot. If it's hot outside, your Pitta child will have 2X the hot attribute to fight, within him.

So attributes are very important. It sometimes takes a little time to get used to them and learn them, but once your child knows his attributes well, he'll be able to understand on his own that eating hot and oily things, for example, will naturally make him feel bad, since he already has too many of these attributes inside him!


Does all this fascinate you? You think it's all very logical and even obvious?

Then don't hesitate any longer, and go further in your knowledge and understanding of your child. Ayurveda is a real gift, and to take up Ayurveda is to bring awareness, attention, love and, of course, understanding home with you! And yes, we finally understand the whys and wherefores! Why does he have heat flushes? Repeated ear infections? Particular food dislikes? Big tantrums? Crying spells?

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