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The Vata child


They're lively, curious and playful. He loves discovery and change doesn't scare him! They always have an idea in mind, something to tell, something to do! They're true artists, true creators!


They like to be surrounded by people, but they don't have that sense of belonging; they'll easily move on to something else if they want to.


They have the particularity of being "variable", or changeable. Indeed, the Vata rule is "No rules!" One day happy, the next day unhappy, one day very hungry, the next day not hungry at all, etc etc etc....


The Vata child may be stressed and anxious in certain situations. He's often restless, fidgeting, shaking his legs, talking fast.


He does things quickly, understands quickly, but also forgets very quickly.

It's hard to get a Vata child to concentrate for long periods, as he quickly gets bored and wants something else.


He'll love treasure hunts, tree climbing and hot summer days, going on adventures with a picnic and a backpack. He'll love inventing, initiating and discovering.


He'll have lots of energy, but over short distances. He doesn't have much stamina, and can tire quickly. He can absolutely forget to eat, but his little body, with no food reserves, will soon let him know it's time to eat!


He may be prone to allergies, stomach aches and headaches, and all kinds of Vata-related ailments.


Remember that Vata's attributes are

dry, cold, light, rough, subtle, mobile and hard.

This is important for you to know, because you'll find these qualities in everything, and of course in your child, both physically and morally.


In Ayurveda, we say that more is more.

And it's through their attributes that the doshas can increase and become unbalanced.

Let me give you an example. Vata is attracted to cold. If it's cold outside, your Vata child will have 2X the cold attribute, inside and outside. So, attributes are very important. It sometimes takes a little time to get used to them and learn them, but once your child knows his attributes well, he'll be able to understand on his own that eating dry, cold, hard things.... will naturally make him feel bad, as he already has too many of these attributes inside him!


Does all this fascinate you? You think it's all very logical and even obvious?

Then don't hesitate any longer, and go further in your knowledge and understanding of your child. Ayurveda is a true gift, and to take up Ayurveda is to bring awareness, attention, love and, of course, understanding home with you! And yes, we finally understand the whys and wherefores! Why does he have allergies? Repeated ear infections? Particular food dislikes? Big tantrums? Crying spells?

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