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Kapha Dosha in dogs.

The kapha dosha is the alchemy of the elements water and earth, this synergy representing anchorage, strength, lubrication and love. Kapha dogs are generally those with the most moving eyes, a gentle disposition and extremely affectionate behavior. They are tender and make wonderful pets for children or the elderly. They are renowned for being loyal, loving and forgiving. 


They are physically strong dogs, often of heavy build. They can quickly become overweight, even on a normal diet.

They dislike cold or wet weather. They can also be more prone to climate-related allergies, colds, sneezing, coughing, runny nose... 

Compared to other dogs, they have long-lasting, constant energy. However, they prefer 100 times a long run or walk in the forest, rather than a sprint, or challenging activities. 

They are strong and enduring, but with a sense of constancy and calm.

They love sleeping, lounging and sometimes need to be shaken up to get things done, but once underway, they have great strength.

Their digestion is generally slow.

Their stools are generally pale in color and rather soft.  It takes them a while to have a bowel movement.

These animals have soft fur, soulful eyes and a rather relaxed temperament. 

Their pace is slow, both physically and morally. But they exude a special grace.

Unless they suffer from an allergy or respiratory problem, they generally resist illness, have good stamina and remain in good health for most of their lives.

They take time to learn things, but once understood and retained, they're there for life. 

Finally, this is a dog that is often emotional. He'll easily do things to please you, unlike the Pitta, who will certainly be happy to please you, but will see the challenge above all else. No, the Kapha dog will just be happy to see you happy and proud of him. 

Be careful, he's a greedy dog! Especially if he understands that there's a link between love and food! And his human food is so good! 

Bear in mind that your dog may not be all of these things at the same time, and may also have Pitta or Vata characteristics. We're talking about tendencies here. If he has more Kapha tendencies, then he falls into this category. If, however, you find a similar number between two doshas, he may have what we call a double prakriti. In this case, take both doshas into account, and vary your treatments according to the season, the situation and the moment. 


Don't hesitate to consult our specialists if you find this complex to determine. You can also consult our specialists for any health problem, physical, mental or emotional, and for any ayurvedic rebalancing of your dog. 


Please note that we are not veterinarians. Ayurvedic treatments, recognized by the WHO, are not recognized in France for their medical value. Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian for any medical problem you may have. We can work hand in hand with many veterinarians. 

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