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Pitta Dosha in dogs


Pitta Dosha is the alchemy of water and fire. These elements symbolize transformation and digestion. Pitta dogs therefore have a natural ability to transform, assimilate and understand what is asked of them. As a result, they particularly like challenges and are spontaneously competitive. As well as being loyal to their masters, they are also very loyal to their food, which is normally highly digestible. They are like clockwork when it comes to meals, and time is time! They can sometimes become a tad aggressive when hungry. 

They are good watchdogs and excellent pack leaders because of their proud, often dominant nature.

Pitta dogs have slim, well-balanced bodies of medium size. You might sometimes think they don't have much stature, but don't be fooled - their proud, aggressive nature more than makes up for what they lack!

They are well-muscled, with soft, warm fur. 

Their eyes are piercing and intelligent.

Their claws can be a little soft.

Pitta dogs' paws are warm to the touch.

They don't tolerate heat well - too much sun will quickly exhaust them. On hot days, they can often be found digging a hole to lie in, or in cool places. 

They are therefore very good at coping with cold climates, and will often be found choosing to stay outdoors. 

Depending on their breed, they love water and swimming. They also love snow.

They're big water drinkers, so you'll find them watering just about everything, all day long.

They don't sleep very long, but their sleep is uninterrupted and peaceful.

As I said earlier, they have a strong metabolism and therefore good digestion. They are good eaters with a strong thirst. Having to wait for their food is not an option! 

They're intelligent and have good concentration, they learn easily, and even more so if the reward is food!

Pitta dogs won't wait quietly for you to take them out. They're very good at making themselves understood - they'll even insist. Don't forget their proud nature! They'll bark arrogantly until you take them into account.  


Bear in mind that your dog may not be all of these things at the same time; he may also have Vata or Kapha characteristics. We're talking about tendencies here. If he has more Pitta tendencies, then he falls into this category. If, however, you find a similar number between two doshas, he may have what we call a double prakriti. In this case, take both doshas into account, and vary your treatments according to the season, the situation and the moment. 


Don't hesitate to consult our specialists if you find this complex to determine. You can also consult our specialists for any health problem, physical, mental or emotional, and for any ayurvedic rebalancing of your dog. 


Please note that we are not veterinarians. Ayurvedic treatments, recognized by the WHO, are not recognized in France for their medical value. Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian for any medical problem you may have. We can work hand in hand with many veterinarians. 

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