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Our "favorite" artists of the moment

Federico Minassian and Jeanne Brancier

Federico Minassian (handpan percussionist)
Federico Minassian, Argentinian and percussionist at heart, was already banging on pots and pans in the kitchen before he started taking lessons at the age of 8! Drums, Bongo, Congas, rock'n'roll rhythms, salsa, Latin rhythms, Argentine folklore - everything was interesting as long as it was about learning music and percussion. Then came the concerts with underground groups from the Buenos Aires scene, and with well-known figures such as Pedro Aznar, Romeo Santos, Manuel Wirst, Grupo Niche, in front of thousands of spectators. 
Today, still learning new percussion instruments, he dedicates himself to the handpan and continues to perfect his skills on the percussion instruments he knows: drums, bongos, congas, derbouka, cajon, djembe, timbales, and many other world percussion instruments. His years of experience and his curiosity give him a broad knowledge of rhythms and styles, from Afro-Latino and Brazilian to rock'n'roll, pop, flamenco rumba and oriental.
He loves to share his passion by passing on his pleasure through classes, concerts, shows and videos, and by collaborating with his partner, a dancer, because music is life!

He's always on the lookout for special, deep, astral sounds and sonorities, seeking to get closer and closer to the divine, so that he can finally meet the human in a more meaningful way. His quest for infinite love leads him to combine notes and rhythms in a harmony imbued with dreams, culture and a universal vision of art. 


In duet with his partner Jeanne Brancier (dancer)

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