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My dog is more Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

for all living beings
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This questionnaire will gather information about 

your dog's physique, mental state and tendencies

to determine its main Dosha.


Visualize your dog in terms of its breed, not in comparison with other dogs of other breeds. For example, when I ask you how much your dog weighs,

compare it with the average weight of dogs of its breed. 

How do I do this test?



1. Choose the option that seems most obvious to you in relation to your dog,

but don't overthink it - your first impression will often be the right one.


2. All that's left is to click on the "Results" button to discover his profile and understand a little more about him!


3. Would you like to start Ayurveda for him? Would you like to know your dog's track record (what's good, what's not so good)? Then don't hesitate to book a consultation and Ayurvedic check-up by clicking on the "Consultations" tab with the specialist of your choice.

Napoléon Chien
Napoléon Chien
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Napoléon Chien

Discover your dominant Dosha

Would you like to have your dog's roadmap (advice, lifestyle, diet)?

So book her Ayurvedic consultation now! 

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